There are deeper levels to the human capacity for connection and communication than many people realize.

Our culture is profoundly disembodied. Too often, we act as if our minds and bodies are separate things. It’s why we say ‘I have a body’ rather than ‘I am a body.’ As a result – even as the world is becoming increasingly connected – as people we are becoming profoundly disconnected. Not only from each other, but from ourselves.

Train your brain. Hone your body. Follow your intuition.

In this interactive presentation, Scotty McQueen explores and demonstrates widely ignored, but crucial, areas of non-physical communication such as presence, suggestibility, empathy, and intuition.

Change your actions. Change your thinking. Change your Life.

Our intuitions can deceive us. But our intuitions are also highly empathic and suggestible. This combination of traits makes it possible to deeply connect with and influence other people, as well as ourselves.

Tune in to Your Potential.

Through conscious awareness and intentional practice, we can learn to be guided – but not controlled – by our intuitions; becoming better partners, parents, friends, managers, and people, in the process.