Durational performance art and audio installation. 2019.

82 statements in 20 minutes along with 82 public transport tickets – each valid for 20 minutes – which emerging youth artist Kalina Klich collected on trips to and from school before switching to paperless tickets. The artist neither agrees, nor disagrees, with each unspoken statement, but proposes each as an example of statements which one might hear or consider during a daily commute. The mask suggests the anonymity of travelers, while the i-Phone and headphones represent the portable world which the artist never travels without. Even as we move throughout our world, do we carry our own worlds with us?

1. Education is the most important thing.
2. Do you know that the Amazon rainforest is still burning?
3. It takes a thousand years for plastic to degrade.
4. You must have an exact plan for your whole life.
5. All homosexuals are pedophiles.
6. You won’t be able to achieve what you desire.
7. Why don’t you ride a bike to work?
8. There is no left-wing party in our government.
9. Power plants are responsible for 75% of energy production in Poland.
10. Nuclear power plants are responsible for 0% of energy production in Poland.
11. You have to be better than the others.
12. Women are people, just as men are.
13. The 13th of October there will be another election in Poland.
14. Every moment without self-improvement is lost time.
15. The music you listen to does not define you.
16. Your life is in the hands of politicians.
17. Church is a divine institution.
18. The better car you have, the better person you are.
19. How often do you go to Starbucks?
20. Don’t take that plastic straw.
21. Entertaining cinema is cinema for idiots.
22. You must have a perfect body.
23. Why don’t you choose to take the bus?
24. The more you earn, the better.
25. In school, only priests should teach.
26. Women should always be well-presented.
27. Unrestricted access to guns is not a good idea.
28. All homosexuals are pedophiles.
29. The more followers you have on Instagram, the more valuable you are as a person.
30. Wearing make-up is lying to a man.
31. You are stupid if you read silly books.
32. How much plastic do you use during the year?
33. The teachers’ strike is a good idea.
34. You must own new things all the time.
35. Time is money.
36. Feminism is not a fascism.
37. Pre-marital sex is a sin.
38. Do you know what love is?
39. Poland is a non-religious country.
40. Smog is not a problem.
41. Love does not end after 40.
42. People with a different sexual orientation are a plague.
43. You have to do everything for yesterday.
44. Why can’t you just be nice to everybody?
45. Each year, 5.5 million children die from famine.
46. Did you buy that plastic bag?
47. Do what you love, but only after you come back from the job you hate.
48. Homosexuality is not a disease.
49. Stop spreading hatred.
50. Teaching is a very respected profession.
51. It is your choice whether you have kids.
52. You really need that new pair of boots.
53. A woman should earn less than a man.
54. Smoking kills.
55. A glass bottle degrades after 4,000 years.
56. Immigrants will steal your job and your wife.
57. Each second is precious.
58. The climactic catastrophe will happen in 2030
59. The countdown to annihilation is showing two minutes to midnight again.
60. A person who believes in a different religion is still a human.
61. Do not follow your dreams.
62. If your grades are not good you will never get anywhere in life.
63. It’s impossible to live without internet.
64. Money is the real power.
65. Modern art has no meaning.
66. Why do I have to read the mandatory literature?
67. You are not special; you have to work harder.
68. Every woman should have at least three children.
69. Sexual orientation is not a fashion.
70. Time passes too quickly.
71. Higher education is an indication of your intelligence.
72. You can’t sustain yourself from art.
73. Social media has huge power.
74. Kids have a voice.
75. Not every politician is only interesting in making money.
76. Vaccinations are not the devil’s invention.
77. Homosexuals deprave our children.
78. You can’t change the world.
79. The life of each human is equal.
80. You should look exactly like everyone else.
81. Don’t do it; you will fail.
82. Work harder all the time.